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Waterproof Cameras 2016

Photos and video footage are the best way to save memories. What if you want to save memories that you created underwater? What do you use? Most cameras are not waterproof.

They will malfunction the moment that you place them underwater. Thankfully, there are a select few cameras that will work even if you dive into the depths with them. Explorers, divers and marine biologists all over the world are thankful for the capabilities of these cameras. Read on to learn about best waterproof camera 2016.

2016 Most Popular Waterproof Cameras

These strong waterproof digital cameras are designed to capture your outside adventures, both on land and underwater. You will be able to snap superb underwater images with any of these popular waterproof cameras. Here, we list you the six perfect waterproof cameras on market now. Popular waterproof cameras in 2016 are:

Fujifilm FinePix XP 80 : This is the cheapest waterproof camera in our list, but it sports a shockproof to 1.75m and valuable 15m waterproof rating. In addition, the camera is dustproof and freeze proof. It features a 16.4MP sensor that copes well in fine light.

Top 5 Waterproof Camera Review : Olympus to Nikon

If ever before underwater photography enthusiasts had a limited choice of buying expensive professional equipment, now there is an alternative – budget waterproof camera.  These cameras, due to the increased degree of protection, allow you to shoot under water without any additional equipment.

Waterproof cameras differ from conventional compact cameras in following ways: they have a comfortable ergonomic shape, camera does not slip out even in emergency situations due to rubber-coating, and has large control buttons.

waterproof camera 2016

Best Waterproof Cameras for Underwater

5 Best Waterproof Cameras 2016 for Underwater Photography

Anyone who has ever been interested in underwater photography knows that taking photographs under water can produce some of the most breathtaking results. It is almost impossible to dive with your camera wishing to make just some regular photos to show your friends, especially since what you see at the bottom of the sea is remarkable in itself.

waterproof camera

So we will try to give you some suggestions on how to choose the best photo equipment to follow you under water and find the best waterproof camera that will be able to capture images that will come close to how you experienced those moments.